Most Likely to Succeed- Film

When watching the film, it reminded me a lot of the philosophy/ history of education class that I was in last semester.  The reason it reminded of it was because we learned about so many different styles of teaching that have been used in the past as well as many renouned approaches to teaching.  Usually if you were to mention to me some unique way of teaching, I couldn’t connect this to any of the philosophies or approaches that I learned about last semester. This documentary was interesting to me because I couldn’t connect it to any of the philosophies or approaches that I had learned about previously, so I found it very unique and interesting to watch. One part that I like especially was how the whole class worked together to create a big project in the end. I also like how they would have meeting with the teachers about their progress and get the chance to say how they think they have done and how they have progressed as a student.  While watching I often found myself saying, “wow, I could have never been able to figure that out,” but upon thinking on it more, I think it is possible to achieve big things when you are given the time and the support to do so.