Ian Landy Video Conference & iMovie

Video conferencing was a totally new experience for me. I thought it was very cool how we could have a lecture from someone who is hours away, while it still feeling like he was right there. Ian Landy is the principal of a school in Powell River. He has been working toward removing formal assessment (report cards) and moving towards a more interactive form of assessment. Landy uses a program called e-portfolio.  The students seem to have more of a say in their learning with this assessment style, parents can also add work that the students were willing to do at home which I though was very interesting and unlike anything I have heard of before.  This form of assessment let the parents follow their learning more frequently and is more personal than your standard report card. It elimitates the comparison between students as the teacher gets more personal work to look at.


It was fun to explore around on iMovie during class.  I enjoyed playing with the different sound effects, transitions, speeds and more.  I had worked with iMovie before, so it wasn’t too hard for me to catch on in class. I think iMovie can be such a fun tool to use in a classrooms that students would love. I remember making movies in middle school and always being so excited to share them with the class. They are a fun way to get information across and you can make it as personalized as you want.