Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

I found this visit really eye opening and inspiring.  To start, I have lived in Victoria my whole life and had no idea that this school was up and running so it was neat to go and explore it and what it has to offer. Next, it really showed me the potential students have when they are given the tools to go where their mind wants to take them. When Jeff Hopkins mentioned the student that created is creating a solar panel out of recycled solar panels blew my mind, that was so inspiring to see. The one thing about this school is these students are seemed to not have much open space. I felt very confined and their, being someone with who is hyperactive I don’t think this structure would have worked for me. I need the changing of subject like in a typical high school to so that my brain is able to change and focus on other things.  One more thing that I did think was very beneficial, which other school should implicate, is the sensory room that a student created. Students can use this to stimulate or unstimulated their brain.  It can help students feel lets stressed and can just give them some time to think in a quiet space. I think if you had this at higher populated high schools it can be very beneficial for students, probably almost more than this school that only had 85, just allowing students to get away from the hustle bustle of the 1000 student that attend their school.  All in all, I think this school is a very valuable place for the right kind of students.