Today in class, Heidi James and some of her students from her Colquitz middle school, came in to help us learn Minecraft. Before this experience, I had only learned small things about Minecraft from watching people play. For example I knew you could build and that there was night and day, but I didn’t know how to build anything, or move around etc. Mrs.James was my grade 6 science and math teacher, so it was very fun to see her again. She was always doing such amazing science and math lessons with our class so it was fun to see how she has brought so much technology to that. It was mind blowing how much Minecraft can actually be used for within classroom, when she talked about how they used it for the ancient civilizations unit, I thought that was so interesting. It almost brought that time that was somany years ago to right before their eyes. Cameran and I were saying that we could totally use Minecraft with an Indigenous component, doing the fur trade or something like that would be very awesome way to bring the lesson across to the students. This experience changed my perspective on how I can incorperate videogames into my teaching, and it showed me how video games arent just kids staring at the screen as this game was so collaborative. I worked with the person next to me the whole time, as we tried to build a house and collect items and food. I think, if done right, this game can be so useful in the classroom, this experiences opened my eyes to the use of technology in classrooms that much more.