Music Reflection #10

When I think about myself as a future educator teaching music, I want to?

When I think about myself in the future teaching music, it is an easy answer of want I want to do but not so easy on how I will do it at this point. I want to give each student that walks into my music class an impactful and engaging lesson, that is fun for them, but will also teach them something about music that they can take away and use in the future. When I was in music in Elelmentary school we didn’t really talk that much about theory or anything and we also didn’t get to learn how to play an intrament. Music was kinda just playing around with the intraments. I think that if i was to have actually have a goal it would have been more impactful for me. Also, making sure that it is a safe environment where you will not get judged on your musical abilities will be a huge part of my class. I also would love to incorporate more Indigenous song and dance to my music class.