Music Reflection #9

My greatest professional strength as an educator who will teach music is?…

Well, I think that my greatest strength as an educator who will teach music will be that fact that I love music, and all types of music. I listen to music any chance I get and I love finding new music and genres that I like. I appreciate the talent that goes into making music what it is as well as the hard work it take to make it sound like it does. I have loved music since before I could remember, I was always singing with a fake microphone on the coffee table when I was younger and pretending I was a famous singer. I am excited to use my excitment around music, to help teach children about music and the theory behind it. It is important to be enthusiastic when teaching music, so that the students follow you lead. Therefore, even though I am not that talented with music and don’t know how to play many intruments, I think I can use my voice and my absolute love for music to help me teach it to the best of my abilities.