Prague, Czech Republic

In my 19 years of travelling with my family I have come across some pretty amazing countries and cities full of architecture and history. Prague is my favourite city so far that I have visited. Now my experience I think was a little different than most peoples because I was able to go in the winter. The reason this made me fall in love with the city even more is because of how decorated the whole city was for Christmas time. At every square there was a big Christmas market you could explore. The markets had everything you could imagine, food & drinks, collectables, clothing, home made crafted items and much more. These were so unique as I have never seen them in Canada or the U.S to the extent that they were displayed and celebrated in Prague. I am part Czech so I think that is one more reason why Prague was to impactful to me. Here are some thing worth noting about the city:

This is a view from the Palace part of the Prague Castle, Photo taken by me:)

-The most amazing architecture throughout the whole city. Usually you will see the fancy buildings in the “old town” district of most european cities, but it Prague the amazing buildings stretched throughout the whole city. All the building were painted fantastic colours that brightened your day even in the winter.

This is your average street in Prague, Hard to tell but there is a pink building, cream, yellow, and green. Cobble stones were everywhere.

-It was fairly affordable, compared to other countries in Europe at the time I went the Czech Koruna was very affordable and it was less than the Euro. The item to buy were also alot cheaper than other countries.

-Make sure to visit the Prague Castle, this was amazing. Of all the churches and castles that I have visted this one was my favourite. With a small additional cost you are able to climb to the top of one of the church’s towers and get a view of all of prague and it’s amazing buildings. Not to mention that it is, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, thelargest coherent castle complex in the world.

The Gothic style Church in Prague Castle. One of the most amazing ones I have every seen. Such intricate architechture from up close.
One of the amazing views from the top of one of the Church Towers. Shows the palace curling around the church. If you were to look more to the left the view would be similar to the one posted above, but from higher.

-My family usually rents a vehicle when we go, but there are many trains you could take to get to Prague. The trains are usually affordable depending on where you are coming from. They are a bit tricky to get the hang of at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s not hard at all. You need to make sure that when you look at the trains destination, that the final destination is correct, a lot of trains follow the same track for quite a ways before dispersing so you need to make sure you are on the correct number, with the correct final destination and that is the most important part.

-The bridges across the Vltava River are very fun to walk across and explore the other side of Prague, it is a big city so it would be worth it to rent bikes or scooters or anything that a save you from having to walk from place to place.

-The old town square holds the astronomical clock, which is worth taking a peak at for sure.

This was take with my iPhone so the quility does not show it to its full potential at all. That is the clock on the left. This is the old town square, and as you can see there was a big christmas market being held at the time.